Welcome to the Danger Room

The Danger Room is an Apologetic Discussion Group which aims to make apologetics accessible for the next generation of believers.

Who is the Danger Room for?

The Danger Room is for any age that is willing to seriously explore their own faith and how to defend it. Generally, this is those over 11 years old and ranging in all levels of educational background. It is an open resource for anyone willing to engage Christianity in an honest way.

What is the format of the Danger Room?

The Danger Room has a simple format. We start each meeting with a Pastor led teaching on Church History and Doctrine to strengthen the context of our own narratives. After words, we watch and discuss a video interaction (debate, lecture, public preaching, etc.) and discuss it’s merit’s implications and values for a useful defense. Lastly, we practice engagement in defense of the Gospel. This can be a practice skirmish in the safety of our group but can also be an “in the wild,” engagement with the public.

What must I bring to participate?

Those entering the Danger Room must bring a curious mind, a thick skin , a committed dedication and a note taking device.

How often does it meet?

The Danger Room meets every month on the third Saturday of every month, January thru September, at 7:30 pm in the ABF Commons. Meeting times may very and duration may last up to 2.5 hours.

Why call it the Danger Room?

The name is a tongue in cheek reference to a popular Marvel Comic book…. the X-Men. The X-Men had a room, called the Danger Room, where they were able to simulate all kinds of potential threats that may arise when they were out in the field as superheroes. This is a true representation of how this resource will prepare people for the dangers of engaging other worldviews, but also provide the safety of discipleship and an academic environment.

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