What is TYLS?

The Young Lecterns Series or “TYLS” is a ministry of Aletheia Bible Fellowship’s Abandoned Initiative (AI). The AI is a ministry with a focus on connecting young Christians to each other and the larger church. TYLS gives young Christians, between the ages of 11 to 25, a platform to say something biblical and meaningful to the church at large by giving them an audience and podium. In this, we hope that the next generation of the church can start their journey in becoming its pillars for the spread of the gospel.

Intended Audience

Because TYLS is young people speaking to the church at large, it may seem that we are a youth-focused gathering. However, our hope is that Christians young and old can gather, learn, and grow from these lectures. Having the young listened to by their more mature counterparts will inspire the young as to their value for their future and begin an important dialogue about growth in the church.

How it works

To do this, we gather and review essays and speeches about issues in the church at large, from church youth. If the materials presented meet our criteria (of being both meaningful and doctrinally accurate), we work with the author to create a presentation and give them a platform to discuss it during one of our quarterly lectures.

What it looks like.

On a quarterly basis, TYLS lectures are given from a local pdx church. They are live broadcasted on Facebook Live and on YouTube Live. These services also save the lectures which are cross-posted through our various Facebook pages and websites for easy access in perpetuity. Pre-lecture, the essay being presented will be posted across these pages and services as part of the promotion for the TYLS event. This will give the audience at a TYLS event an opportunity to be informed about the subject and prepare questions for a live Q & A section after the lecture. This will process will be repeated with another essay and a new speaker each TYLS event.

How to be involved

It’s easy to be involved!

  1. Like our Facebook page to stay up to date on the who/what/when of our upcoming events and extra content!
  2. Attend our events! Support these young theologians and think critically about what they have to say.
  3. Be on the lookout for a young Christian who has something important to say. Encourage them to form their thoughts into a TYLS essay and presentation.
  4. If you are between 11 and 25, submit an essay to our team. We will look it over and might contact you about placing your essay on our website or even asking you to present.

Some things we will be looking for

  1. Doctrinally sound ideas and conclusions
    1. We want our TYLS presentations to be impactful to the church. Often this can include presenting new ideas which are not biblically sound. However, new is not always better. Especially where truth has already been revealed in Christ, often times the best ideas are the ones we hear again from a fresh voice. We don’t want new ideas as much as the right ones.
  2. Citations and a Bibliography
    1. Our TYLS presenters should be informed. We want to see that thought and consideration has been given to their subject. Please present an essay that includes research from an outside source. This source must include biblical notations and can also include extra-biblical ones as well.
  3. A clear thesis
    1. Our TYLS presentations need to be easily understood. We like to see that an essay has clarity of presentation as a large consideration. Big words make people sound smart, but they don’t necessarily speak any truth. TYLS presenters care about being useful for the church over seeming smart.
  4. Relevance
    1. A TYLS presentation makes an impression on its audience by addressing a part of the Christian life that we all know should be talked about. Sometimes, this may be something that everyone already talks about. Sometimes this may be something that everyone should be talking about. However, we want our TYLS presentations to be accessible. Discussing the greater implications of Quantum Physics on Molinism might be interesting to a nuanced portion of the church, but we want our topics to be of interest to the everyday Christian.
  5. A clear call to action
    1. A TYLS presentation is meant to be impactful. It is not simply a rehash of information that can be found elsewhere. There are few better means of impacting someone than to give them a direction through loving admonition. A TYLS presentation should make its audience want to move toward growth in their relationship with God and man.
  6. Length
    1. We do not want our TYLS presentation to be so long that it loses the audience, or so short that the audience doesn’t have time to resonate with it. To this end, we would like a TYLS presentation to last between 30 and 60 minutes speaking time. If you don’t feel a paper can be presented within this time limit, we will most likely pass on it.

Contact Us

Are you between 11 and 25? Do you have something meaningful to say about the church and the issues it’s facing? Do you know someone who should give a TYLS presentation? Message our Facebook page or send us an email at abandonedi.abf@gmail.com. We’d love to talk to you!

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