Welcome to the Abandoned Initiative

The Abandoned Initiative (Ai) is the meeting point of Aletheia Bible Fellowship’s youth ministries and web ministries. At this junction, the Ai has a committed mission of providing a platform for young people to grow into the next generation of Christian thinkers.

Through ABF’s web ministry, Project Vigilance, the Ai creates resources that they feel can engage Christian youth culture in a meaningful way about important subjects that are relevant in their day to day lives. The platform also provides the ability for participation as contributors to it’s content.

Through the webcast of the Upper Story, young people can casually dialogue with youth leaders about relevant topics on Facebook live and through the Young Lectern Series, young Christian thinkers can speak candidly through Facebook, YouTube and Instagram about what has been on their hearts.

We are always looking to involve sincere Christian youth in new and meaningful ways.

It is our sincere hope that these ministries, coupled with other resources, such as the Ai Burst Cast (a daily instagram-powered minute of news and things Christians can start the day with) as well as ongoing media reviews and educational offerings will help do our part in equipping the next generation. Please look around and get to know our resource.

It is our hope that together, we can find and equip the next generation of Christian thinkers.

Josh McGary

Senior Pastor
Aletheia Bible Fellowship

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